IN line non pull harness by Best Dog Products
IN LINE non pull connection system by Best Dog Products
IN LINE non pull harness by Best Dog Products, anti-snag buckles
IN LINE non pull harness by Best Dog Products


IN . LINE Harness

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The ultimate non-pull dog harness  

In-Line non-pull training system

Stops pulling and teaches dog to walk at your side

Anti-Snag Buckles

Clips that don't snag on dogs skin/coat 

    Top padding  

    Specifically designed to distribute weight of the dog, our unique shape was inspired by a dogs metacarpal paw pad

      Under Padding

      Designed to sit comfortable on the belly of the dog and not interfere with their natural movement 

        Back connection point

        Gives dog more freedom to explore, ideal for trail walking/running or long line training 


        Reflective Trim

        Increased visibility in low light

          non-pull training system
          IN . LINE

          designed by professional dog trainers to stop dogs pulling on leash

          Why choose us?

          Professional Choice

          Developed by professional dog trainers who constantly aim to produce products that will aid you and your beloved dog.

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          Made for Function

          Training and spending time outside with your dog should be fun, we get it, that's why everything we design is made for function without compromising on our ethics.

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