How does the BAUMUTT IN . LINE NO PULL DOG HARNESS prevent pulling behavior?

The unique chest connection gently guides your dog back towards you, teaching them to stay by your side instead of pulling away.

Is the harness comfortable for my dog to wear for long walks?

Yes, it's designed for comfort with even pressure distribution across the chest and shoulders.

Can I adjust the harness to fit my dog properly? 

Yes, it's adjustable for a customised fit. You can find out more about sizing here.

Is this harness suitable for all dog breeds? 

Yes, it's designed to fit various breeds and sizes.

Is the chest connection point safe for my dog? 

Yes, it's designed to be safe and gentle.

Can I use the IN . LINE NO PULL DOG HARNESS for outdoor activities and adventures? 

Absolutely! The harness is designed to provide a comfortable and controlled walking experience, making it suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities, including hiking and more adventurous outings with your furry companion.

Is the harness effective for strong pullers? 

Results may vary, pairing it with positive reinforcement training is recommended.

Can I wash the harness when it gets dirty? 

Yes, we advise hand washing in cold water.

Can I use the harness with a leash attachment for additional control? 

Yes, it has a leash attachment point.

Is the harness suitable for training puppies? 

Yes, it's great for training puppies with positive reinforcement.