Our Story

BAUMUTT was founded by Prince (The Dog), Eamonn (Professional Dog Trainer) and Sara. Prince (2013-2023, sadly lost his battle with cancer) started life as an eccentric pup and lets just say set a few challenges for Eamonn and Sara in the early stages of their relationship. Not only was he full of energy but after he was attacked he became fearful and reactive toward other dogs. 

This set Eamonn on a journey of discovery to help Prince be a happier and more confident pup. Fast forward a few months of training, lots of reading and Prince was starting to connect the dots and was realising that it can be quite rewarding to listen to this Eamonn fella.

Eamonn was sold on learning all he could about Dog Training and set about studying to become a dog trainer.

After working with many clients Eamonn noticed a few issues that most dog owners struggled with constantly, the biggest being getting a dog to walk beside the person without pulling. The training of this can take time and patience and a lot of people just didn’t or couldn’t commit to the training and so got pulled around on their daily walks, which wasn’t fun for anyone involved. Eamonn started looking for training tools to help people with this issues but was constantly unimpressed or downright scared by how badly the products were at helping both the people and the dogs. 

So armed with some webbing, a needle and thread they set about developing a harness system that would not only stop the dog from pulling but also teach and give information to the dog without restricting their natural gait (walk). After numerous prototypes, endless needle punctures in their fingers they finally got the harness to help the masses.   

It’s our mission at BAUMUTT to identify training issues and design dog training tools to help people and their dogs live a happy, safe and pain free life together.

Best Dog Products founder Prince, enjoying a beautiful day in Ireland testing out the Best Dog  IN . LINE Non-Pull Dog Harness prototype