How to Choose the Perfect Fit Harness

How to Choose the Perfect Fit Harness

Finding the perfect dog harness can be a game-changer when it comes to your daily walks. Not only does it provide better control, but it also ensures your pet's comfort and safety. At BAUMUTT, we're committed to making this search easier for you. 

In this blog, we'll share our expertise on how to choose the ideal harness for your dog, while also highlighting the features of the BAUMUTT No Pull Training System Harness that make it stand out.

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Understand the Types of Dog Harnesses

Before diving into the world of dog harnesses, it's essential to know the options available. Some of the popular harness types include:

  • No Pull Harness: Crafted with a focus on discouraging pulling during walks, the paramount consideration in their design is to ensure your pup's comfort and well-being. This means avoiding any elements that might cause discomfort or pain, such as tightening around the dog's front legs or hindering their front leg movement.
  • Vest Harness: Ideally suited for small dogs and puppies, these harnesses prioritise both comfort and ease of application.
  • Step-In Harness: Tailored for dogs who prefer not to have harnesses pulled over their heads, they can pose a slight challenge when it comes to training your pup to step into them.
  • Back-Clip Harness: These harnesses provide greater freedom of movement, featuring a leash attachment on the back. They are particularly well-suited for activities like long line training, offering your dog additional traction in forward movement, making them great for running alongside your furry friend.
  • Front-Clip Harness: Engineered to provide enhanced control and discourage pulling, these harnesses come with a leash attachment on the chest. It's essential to consider the design, as most feature only a single connection point. As the dog moves away from your side, the harness may pull up behind the dog's front legs, potentially causing discomfort.
  • BAUMUTT IN.LINE No Pull Harness: Our unique design is aimed at granting your dog unrestricted leg movement. The chest connection system is specifically engineered to counteract any tendency of the harness to ride up behind the dog's legs. Instead, it creates a pivot point at the center of your dog's chest, allowing for easier control of your pup's forward movement.

Each type serves different needs, so consider your dog's personality and behaviour to make the right choice.

Measure Your Dog Properly

The perfect fit is essential for a harness. Ensure you measure your dog correctly. Take measurements for the chest girth, neck girth, and back length. Follow the manufacturer's size chart, as sizing can differ between brands.

We have a sizing section here.

Consider Your Dog's Behaviour

Your dog's behaviour during walks is an important factor. If your dog pulls, the BAUMUTT No Pull Harness could be the solution. It has a front connection point that teaches your dog to walk at your side and prevents pulling while also allowing full unrestricted movement of their front legs.

Material and Comfort

Ensuring your dog's comfort should be of utmost importance. Seek out harnesses crafted from durable materials that won't cause irritation to your dog's skin. A content and comfortable dog equates to more pleasurable walks.

The BAUMUTT No Pull Harness excels in comfort. Its top padding, inspired by a dog's metacarpal paw pad, evenly distributes weight to prevent discomfort and strain on the neck and shoulders. The under padding ensures your dog can move naturally without any restriction.

Adjustability and Security

A harness with adjustable straps ensures a snug fit, so your dog can't slip out of it. Double-check for security features like sturdy buckles and reinforced stitching. Your dog's safety is paramount.

At BAUMUTT, our dedication lies in delivering top-tier harnesses that prioritise quality, comfort, and safety, catering to dogs of all sizes and breeds. Bid farewell to the struggles of leash pulling and usher in tranquil walks with your canine companion. 

You can also explore our LAXO LEASH, boasting a leash length meticulously crafted and rigorously tested by professional dog trainers to ensure optimal performance in various situations.

We've thoughtfully incorporated a hands-free handle for moments when you require both hands, as well as an ergonomic webbing system that seamlessly transitions between tubular and flat webbing to cater to diverse touch points.